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 Ace Your Analytical Essay assignment using these Techniques and Examples


Academics have divided essays into a lot of different categories where each deals with the different subject matter and requires eloquent techniques to write. It may be simple to you but there is a lot to write my essay and learn incorporate in your academic essay. Students do not start writing essays in high school abruptly rather they start from primary school in a form of story writing and in middle school in the form of summary and précis. These two topics help them to learn more about writing and how to write an essay. 



In simple words, it can be said that a student cannot complete an academic degree without writing an essay. Till high school, you may have to write the only essay but in colleges, it is essential to write several research papers. The core of writing an essay is, it provides you the opportunity to learn and incorporate many new things in your writing.


Along with an argumentative essay writing an analytical essay is also difficult; you can compare it with cause and effect too. These three essays are most difficult to write as you need to write essay for me and follow predefined rules by the academics. It would be a lot easier if you go through an *analytical essay example* for your guidance. In this post, I will write some tips and an example of an analytical essay – you can secure good grades by following these principles.


Topic: Why is the use of excessive cell phones dangerous?


The modern world is a digitalized world where almost every person has access to an electronic device. Whether it is a mobile phone, satellite television, or another communication device he knows how to use it. Today about five billion or more than 80% of the world’s population uses a cell phone. It means its availability is extremely easy and every person can acquire it depending upon its needs. Though today companies have made mobiles which use 5G technology, many people still use 2G and 3G phones. It shows that people around the world are over-reliant on this modern invention that started in the 20th century.


Whether a person is living in an advanced country or a remote part of the African desert both have access to write my essay for me and mobiles and are connected to other people one way or another. If the use of cell phones is so significant then where does its use become dangerous? It is a very important question as there is only a silver lining between appropriate/relevant use and excessive use. A person may not know where its use becomes so dangerous. 


According to a study an average person looks at his mobile around 200 times a day. If such a person is not doing a job of social media marketing then simply he is wasting his time. Apart from his time, there are many social, physical, and psychological pitfalls of excessive use of mobile. The use of the mobile phone during driving is not only dangerous but it can be lethal for pedestrians too. (Excerpt from an original analytical essay)


Topic: Process of learning and class size


Today two parallel educational systems are prevailing in the world one is public schools and the other is private schools. The management and educational structure are entirely different in both systems as one focuses on delivering efficiently while others merely fulfill its responsibility. In such a scenario the ultimate sufferer and beneficiary are students studying in such schools. The irony is only the students from private schools are able to secure good jobs at every segment of society. The division is so effective that modern society is almost divided on ‘the haves and the haves not’ grounds.


The decorum of the classroom depends on the number of students present if it is within reasonable numbers then a teacher would be able to paper writing service and focus on every student. Such teachers also know how many students are present in the class and what their preferences are. He can also focus individually in a small class while it is nearly impossible in case of a large class. The excessive number of students lowers the teacher’s ability to equally focus which ultimately lowers the student’s efficiency to learn. (Excerpt from an original analytical essay)




It is the core of essay writing, before you start writing your essay make sure to collect several points that you can do via brainstorming. It is a very useful technique to generate new ideas later to incorporate in your essay.




A good essay should have some facts and figures relating to a topic that you can only collect via excessive research. You should start writing your essay once you are confirming that you have enough evidence to write.




It means you need to analyze two different pieces of literature, objects, or any other given scenario. You should have enough knowledge to present in your essay just make sure to present compelling arguments in favor of your point of view.




You need to evaluate your essay topic before you start essay writer. Just consult your professor and ask for different scenarios and how you can deal with each of them. It means you should choose an area that interests you because you would spend hours searching relevant data.




Along with the evaluation, your topic should be catching to the audience. The purpose of writing such an audience is to inform the audience if it is catchy then people would intrigue to read it. 


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