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To get an excellent mark, it is not enough to find the correct answers to the assignments, you also need to know how to correctly formulate the test.

After all, the control work is assessed on such indicators as the completeness of the disclosure of the topic, the correctness of the answers, the relevance and reliability of the information used, and design.

Checkout design involves the creation of a title page, a page with a plan (if necessary), editing text, figures, tables, the correct presentation of literature and applications. Despite the fact that students consider the test to be something fleeting, its illiterate design can be a big mistake. Therefore, we at the essay assistant want to help you understand how to do it right.

Cover page decoration

To design the title page of the test, you can take as a basis a template from the guidelines for writing term papers or theses. It is enough to change the type of work, enter its topic, your own data (surname, name, group, course) and information about the teacher (name, surname, academic degree).

Clearance content


The content consists of a list of the main structural elements ("Introduction", "Conclusion", "References", "Appendices") and sections with the designation of their beginning pages in the text. The test work can have chapters, divided into paragraphs. In this case, you need to list all the paragraphs written as part of the implementation of this chapter.

The titles of chapters and paragraphs are aligned to the left, and the specified pages are aligned to the right. To simplify the design process, use a table with hidden borders. Write the chapter titles in one column, and the pages in the other, and then align the text in each column properly.

A small remark: if you do not know how to do a pyton test, not because of the design, but because of ignorance of the programming language itself, we will be happy to help you with this

Headers styling

Proper feeding section titles - e is an important part of the control operation. To do this, use boldface style, as well as capital letters to highlight structural elements and section titles. For paragraphs, just bold letters are enough. The text is centered.

Chapters are always arranged on a new page, but it is not at all necessary to separate subsections from each other in this way.

Text formatting

To write the test, the default font is Times New Roman, size 14 and one and a half spacing. Do not forget about paragraphs, the size of the indent should be about 1.25 cm. The main part may contain lists, to complete their design use bullets and numbering of lists.

Sheets are numbered in the lower or upper right corner, less often in the lower center. There is no number on the title page.

Interesting! Writing a programming test involves not only a beautiful design, but also a competent execution of the program code. If you can arrange but everything is bad with the code, we will help you 

All borrowed information is formatted using links or footnotes. Borrowed is considered:

  • quotes from textbooks, scientific articles;
  • statistical data, research results, information from reports;
  • provisions of laws;
  • direct quotation of the scientist's words.

To format with links, in square brackets write the serial number of the source in the list of literature used by the student, the page number from which the quotation was taken. When using footnotes, use the "Links" menu item to insert a footnote and add a short description of the source below: author, title, place and year of publication, page with a quote.

List of references

The test is carried out on the basis of certain sources, the description of which is given in alphabetical order or as soon as they appear in the text.

Application design

Why do you need an application? The test becomes clearer when the student applies all the relevant materials to it. For example, when calculating indicators of the financial condition of an enterprise, an application with financial statements makes it possible to check the correctness of the obtained values ​​and conclusions. Applications are numbered alphabetically and have their own names. Test work in the text should contain references to specific applications.

The formalized test is stitched



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